Perception Is Everything

In my short time on this earth I realize that perception is everything. I’ve heard as a man thinks he will become. A simplistic labyrinth of a concept. Your thoughts literally mold you into the person you are. You are what you eat for the soul.

It takes intention beyond habit to actively change a thought process. Once the change, is made the actions follow suit. Change is a gradual thing. No instant gratification. Our greatest challenge is our greatest blessing. The mind. An imperfect perfection it has the capacity for both good and bad; just and unjust ways.

The biggest battle is one of the mind.

all of that to say you can literally convince yourself you are the shit when quite frankly you are not. Or that you have made it to the “better you” when in reality the old you is still in bed hitting snooze.

Your actions and the true intentions behind them make you or break you.


Shape up people, allow the disruption and uncomfortably of change sweep you off your feet and ride that fucking wave because there’s most certainly a light at the end of that tunnel. And realize that working on it means acceptance that your ego & pride & insecurities get the best of you. All you can do is treat that shit like a job. How you clock in to make those duckies, commit the same fervor to self. Start internally. It’s self love. Practice it more. Your actions will follow…

love yourself and you’ll others a lot better

tj xoxox