tunnel vision

tunnel vision

What does this mean to you? What does this actually look like in your everyday life?

Such as it seems to roll off the tongue so effortlessly, the concept however, used to escape me in ways that I am now learning presently to apply.

tunnel vision

I am learning to stay focused in all of my distracted disarray.

Nothing comes easy to the broken and those picking up the pieces.

The feeling is like a tangible peace in the middle of a tropical storm

tunnel vision

The break of the sun on the ocean floor

A single stream of constant illumination

my tunnel vision propels me into progress in such a force I can not help but let it consume me. I am soaring way above any kind of cloud or simple manifestation. I am thankful for this push I haven’t really felt in a long time. It is new and familiar. It is fire and ice; both demanding respect for its ability to give and take life. It is dangerous to insecurity, self-doubt, immobility, depression, and disillusionment in that while so focused everything else has no time to engulf the picture.

tunnel vision is providing me a way out and for once in my life I am taking my cue.

Let the liberation be like a warm summer rain on the sod of my existence. Breath of the dewy air against my skin blowing past my lashes and into my lungs. Let it be sweet. The good kind of sweet. The one that is made just for my kind of cup. Liberate my divided mind. Soothe it to productive stillness. I am ready for it.

tunnel vision

Wash over me now until forever. Seeing everything and nothing all at once.