insomnia 6am. 6.6.18

running from check to check

And from check to check to check again

See check run. See check bounce. See check flow right through your hands.

In this huge social experiment we call life. Constantly faced with the reality that the check has to be endlessly pursued. A necessity for some and an excess for others it commands the scene.

Think of how we would all be if the goal of it all wasn’t for the life of money. In any form financial stability is neither easy nor is it pleasant but in order to survive it comes in the form of begging, borrowing, and bartering. Every single one driven by the instinctual need to survive. The focus being on finances now bridging the gap between spearing a squirrel and eating caviar in the penthouse suite. Instead of hunting for your next check be as fervent about the growth and nourishment of the person behind getting those checks. This is the major fucking key. Don’t let the hunt eat you alive. After awhile you will have died well before you go to the grave.

Coming back to this, immediately after I thought wow… that escalated quickly 😳😂

Do not let living life kill you. Because it will if you let it.

All in favor of a stress awareness day🙋🏽‍♀️say muthafuckin “I”