There is something to be said about the first light to touch the inner recesses of your mind.

The bluish hue.

The clean and crisp air rushing into your lungs.

Its a feeling unrivaled.

Its refreshing just as it should be.

There is more to be said about waking up.

It is the revival of the soul and of the original self.

How low have you felt that you may not have wanted to wake up?

Have you ever felt like this?

like you can’t breathe?

suffocation by way of a stifled dream

suffocation by way of systematic deprivation is felt to the core of one’s soul

drowning in self doubt and self mutilation you can quickly or slowly lose your air.

The first breath is all the more sweet.

The expansion of lungs to take in the very thing that gives life is to remember the power you posses and have always been in command of.


The very stirring of the spirit.


It’s only up from here.

It’s only full.

It’s a cooling and calming salve to our irritated, chaffed and collapsed being.

Ever been parched?

This first breath is the the one that lets you know you’ve arrived.

Dew that condenses on the blade of grass is its first drink that comes with the rising of the Sun.

Universe here I am and I am not asleep any longer.

I am more alive than I have ever been.

Taking my first breath rejuvenated my purpose.